The new Xorg . . .

9 11 2008

Well, as the post title implies, there’sa new Xorg in Ubuntu Intrepid, and basically it sucks! Heh! Let me explain.

This new Xorg apparently uses Xrandr 1.2 and now it’s a lot easier to use dual-monitors on an extended desktop scenario, but sadly they removed the “Input” section of the Xorg.conf file and even if it still exists on your Xorg.conf it’ll be ignored. Now the Input devices are controlled by another file, which looks like a letter soup, so I won’t bother to post the location here so you can see it.

As far as I’ve experimented Wiimotes, Synaptics touchpads and other input devices are harder to configure, or not configurable at all. I made a post about how to use your Wiimote in Ubuntu as a Multimedia Controller and/or a mouse…well, now that’;s gone until we find a way to make the new Xorg play nice with uinput, which is a very important part of the wiimote-in-ubuntu stuff.

Synaptics touchpads, found in a wide variety of laptops like Apple MacBooks, Toshiba Satellites, and so on, are now harder to configure. Back in Hardy you could just pop an “options–” statement below the “Input Device” section and you could even make your scrolling circular instead of vertical/horizontal. Pretty cool options, the circular scroll was just like the iPod clickwheel, very fun to use.

Anyways, I’ll post back when I find something new about this new Xorg and how to make it work with input devices like it used to.