No openSUSE for now . . .

21 12 2008

Well, I really wanted to test this thing out but it looks like my wireless card will never be supported…

I have an Atheros AR242x and Madwifi doesn’t work on openSUSE 11.1, ndiswrapper is a mess and compat-wireless drivers killed my card’s firmware…

Many people claim this card works…but not for me…(the card is recognized by the default drivers but the wireless network is not…so that means the card is not really working). So until this issue is fully fixed without using weird drivers, like in Ubuntu, it’s bye-bye openSUSE for me…or at least when I can have a wired-LAN computer. My laptop seemed to work fine with wired-LAN but I’m 20 feet away from the router on another room, so a long cable is not by best choice…

Anyways, I encourage you to try it out and test if it works for you. At least for me it didn’t…




One response

28 09 2009

compile a kernel it worked for me! on 11.0 for my card try the 2.6.31 kernel itll probably work

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