No openSUSE for now . . .

21 12 2008

Well, I really wanted to test this thing out but it looks like my wireless card will never be supported…

I have an Atheros AR242x and Madwifi doesn’t work on openSUSE 11.1, ndiswrapper is a mess and compat-wireless drivers killed my card’s firmware…

Many people claim this card works…but not for me…(the card is recognized by the default drivers but the wireless network is not…so that means the card is not really working). So until this issue is fully fixed without using weird drivers, like in Ubuntu, it’s bye-bye openSUSE for me…or at least when I can have a wired-LAN computer. My laptop seemed to work fine with wired-LAN but I’m 20 feet away from the router on another room, so a long cable is not by best choice…

Anyways, I encourage you to try it out and test if it works for you. At least for me it didn’t…


New Banners!

19 12 2008

Hey guys! I thought I’d add some banners/buttons to the site, linking to my 6 favorite Linux Distributions webpages! (On the sidebar to the right).

Just click on them and you’ll be taken to their corresponding webpages from wher eyou can download them!

Those are all good distributions so you won’t be disappointed!

A tiny twist . . .

17 12 2008

Yep, today’s post has a twist…why? Because I’m not going to talk about Ubuntu on this one. Instead I’m gonna talk about openSUSE.
What’s so special about it? Well for one it’s got nice eye candy by default thanks to the KDE environment (openSUSE also comes with GNOME though). Also it’s hardware compatibility is higher than Ubuntu’s with some computers (for example my Toshiba Satellite). Not to mention that it has a cool lizard/chameleon as a mascot! (lol!)

Tomorrow openSUSE 11.1 will come alive, and let me tell you…IT’LL ROCK ! ! !

As with all other Linux distributions there are some quirks and downsides to openSUSE but luckily most of that is fixed in the new version. One of the most annoying annoyances was with wireless drivers. It was a pain to just connect to the internet with a wi-fi card. But if things turn out as the openSUSE wiki says, all of that will be a thing of the past.

So, for those of you wondering what else openSUSE has to offer go visit their site .

Tomorrow will be a great day for me! I’ll have my new openSUSE liveCD to test and I also have Debian and Gentoo LiveCDs laying around to play around with all of them!

If you want to have fun too, go download openSUSE! You won’t be disappointed…A fair warning though…Read the installation instructions carefully! I wasn’t careful the first time I installed it and managed to destroy all my data in the process…overconfidence is veeery bad in Linux.

So, have FUN!

Ubuntu Dawn’s new home!

12 12 2008

Yeah, you read right! I moved from Blogger (which is cool by the way) and I intend to keep the blog here leaving the Blogger version as an archive for older posts.

So, I was wondering…What do you guys think?

I want the readers of this blog to let me know what I should add, remove, change, etc!

So if anyone has any requests whatsoever post them on a comment here and I’ll do my best to make this blog as comfortable as possible for everyone!

Happy reading!!!