Fix SpellCheck in Firefox and!

29 10 2008

I’ll make this quick. Remember back in Windows how everything you wrote incorrectly in Office Word got underlined in red? Well in and Firefox that doesn’t happen automatically. You’ll need some packages first.

Simply go to Synaptic and search for:


Now check among the results for the ones that end on “en’ or “es”(for spanish).

Check all that apply, reading carefully their descriptions and making sure that they’re the languages you’ll need. Then hit “Apply”, install all the needed dependencies that Synaptic is gonna ask for by hitting “OK” on the pop-up window, and wait for it to install. Once done fire up your Firefox and/or! You know get the red lines below the wrong words and you’ll also get the spelling suggestions!

Hope this helps someone!

Oh, and tomorrow is the great day!!!! Tomorrow October 30, 2008 Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8.10 goes officially live!!! I’ll be making a special post for tomorrow (hopefully)!



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