Solutions For Mediaphiles!

26 10 2008

“Yeah, how do you even rip CDs and encode videos with Ubuntu?! This can’t be! I’m going back to Window$!!” Hold it right there partner! Ubuntu has some cool programs you’ll love for doing common things we normally did back in Window$.

Once of these things is ripping audio CDs to the computer’s HDD. Back in Windows there are tons of thousands of programs that do this, and most of them are worth $40.00+ and people end up downloading them from somewhere, illegally of course. Well, here in Ubuntu we don’t have the need to pirate programs.

If you want a good CD ripper just go to Synaptic and search for:


This little program (found in Applications>Sound & Video>Audio CD Extractor) rips your music and converts it to WAV, MP3, OGG and others. After ripping the music just sync it with your mp3 player (gtkpod-aac for iPods and as of other mp3 players you’re on your own. I don’t have any other mp3 player which I can test. I do know that iPod Classic 160GB, iPod Nano 1st gen 4GB and iPod Shuffle 2nd gen 1GB work perfectly in gtkpod, if you have a Zune…well…you’re pretty much alone in the dark since no one can make a Zune work with Linux this far…go figure.)

And what if you want to convert videos for your iPod?…SIMPLE! just follow my instructions on how to install ffmpeg and winff found here.

I won’t go into much detail here because these programs are pretty easy to figure out. But if you encounter any problems or you have questions, just post them on the comments section! I’ll be happy to help!




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