My Art v2.0 (The Power Of Inkscape!)

18 10 2008

I’ve talked about Inkscape before, and I must reemphasize . . . IT ROCKS!!! I made some new pictures on it, and they were completely made from scratch. Keep in mind I’m just an Inkscape-noob…I still have tons to learn. Anyways I hope you enjoy my pictures! Please note the details on the pictures, check out the gradients and shades. Some of the pictures might need a little fixing here and there, but they look cool (I think/hope).

One of my firsts… My Toshiba Satellite A135-S4527 (posted on a previous post)

Then my ESP LTD EC-1000 (still needs some fixing around the body shape and binding)


And the newest one…Stitch!!! (This one might need some scaling and polishing)

I hope you guys liked my pictures! I’m really loving this whole Inkscape stuff! And I deeply encourage you to try it! If you like photography and drawing then Inkscape is for you!



2 responses

19 10 2008

I’m impressed. Well done!

19 10 2008

Thanks a whole lot Jarlath!

I’m a very creative person and I love challenging myself. I’ve been working with video editing for around 7 years, and a few months ago I met Blender which is by far the most awesome 3-D animation program I’ve used.

Now I met Inkscape and I fell in love with it! Although this is a whole new world for me, I look at it as a new challenge, and I’m winning the fight! Heh, Heh!

Thanks again! And please keep visiting my blog!

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