Ubuntu Dawn’s New Header!

13 10 2008

Hi all! I wanted to let you know that after many many hours of meticulous searching and Inkscaping I managed to make a new header for the blog! This is my first photo-job and I think I did it good, did I? I concentrate more on music and video…

You can let me know how it looks by voting on the Poll located on the sidebar! Let me know what you think by posting comments in this post! I hope everyone likes it! At least I do! Heh!

And by the way, a great program I found that you might want to use is Inkscape. That’s an awesome vector graphics editing/making program which I dare to say it’s a whole lot better than Adobe Illustrator! Not to mention it’s free and open-source! Go check it out and play with it! I tried it yesterday and instantly loved it! I’m gonna make some graphics and icons to put on the blog, so stay tuned for upgrades/updates!

Remember I want to know what you guys like and dislike about my blog, but please be nice! I hope everyone comments on this one!



4 responses

13 10 2008

Cool!!! Well done!!! 🙂

13 10 2008

Thank you very much! I hope I can keep doing little things like this to keep improving my blog! 😉

13 10 2008
John Computor

It looks great. Well done. Dose this blog thing have am RSS feed (I think is it called that)?

13 10 2008

Thanks John! And yes it does have RSS feeds, just click on the “Subscribe to my blog” section on the bottom of the right sidebar or simply add http://ubuntu-dawn.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default to your favorite RSS Feed program! Keep visiting!

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