Multimedia Fixes for Hardy and Intrepid!

13 10 2008

Ah, multimedia…who doesn’t enjoy a nice DVD movie, or a relaxing thrash metal/screamo CD…um…bad example…lol! Anyways, if you’re a music/video lover like me, you’ll probably be very, very disappointed when you first fire up Ubuntu.

This is because Ubuntu can’t come bundled with mp3, DVD encoding/decoding/playing features by default due to copyrights and stupid laws. Anyways, this can easily be solved in a few steps…So come on, let’s try it out shall we?…

First, once you have a fresh install of Ubuntu running, and you want mp3 and music playback in general you must make sure your sound and video cards are being used correctly. Once you have everything set, you should open Synaptic (System>Administration>Synaptic package manager”. Then search for:


Install it and then your music, java and flash should work. But DVDs are still missing, or at least they play choppy and gross…Don’t panic! Since you already have Synaptic open search for:


and install them. (A faster way to install these packages is by typing: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras libdvdcss2 libdvdread3 in to a terminal.) Once you’ve installed those two, it might be a good idea to reboot the computer. Everytime you install or remove packages, programs and things that have something to do with configurations you must restart to avoid ugly messes.

Ok, now that your computer rebooted, it might be a good idea to install VLC via Synaptic. This little program can cover all your music, video, DVD needs in a neatly and smooth way.

These fixes work on both Hardy Heron and Intrepid Ibex, I’ve tested both versions and I can assure you these fixes work. But in case they don’t just post as comment below and I’ll be more than happy to help. So don’t be shy!

Hope this helped someone! NOTE: I’ve covered all of this before, I just wanted to compile everything in a single post to help people find the answers to their questions quicker.




3 responses

13 10 2008

I’ll be trying this later tonight if time permits. Very helpful.

13 10 2008

Cool! I hope you can make it work smoothly! Like it’s supposed to be! Post a comment here when you’re done!

27 10 2008

There is a great tutorial here:

It tried it in Hardy/8.04 and it works as advertised on both of my computers.

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