There I Went Again!

10 10 2008

I just couldn’t resist and after long hours of putting everything back together on Hardy, I went crazy and reformatted everything to put Intrepid Ibex BETA back into place! And I must say I LOVE IT!!! But there are still some major bugs…

I’ll post the good things first…which will probably be “spoilers” for you guys, but I can’t keep all this goodness to myself!

First, I was very happy to know that the updates were fixed and my wireless internet kept working even after updating network-manager (which was the culprit of last time’s disaster). Then I went into more detail and was even happier to know that I won’t need btnx anymore! My mouse is fully recognized! (Logitech V220) Everything works including horizontal scrolling, which was useless on Hardy unless I had btnx installed. Btnx is still not in the repos so that’s why I haven’t talked much about it, and I guess I won’t. If you want more info about how to install and use btnx check this tutorial made available on Ubuntu Unleashed!

Now, the sad/bad stuff…

Mac4Lin is currently almost completely useless, anything apart from the cursors won’t work (at least with the provided Installation Script, I haven’t tried it with the old fashioned manual installation way).

Another thing that ticked me off is that Compiz wants to play rough with Intrepid. I tried to activate the Magnifier plugin in Compiz which I’ve always used, and Compiz unleashed a violent rampage against my video driver and Ubuntu in general and kept kicking me out to the GDM Login screen…I had to fix that manually with a LiveCD and tons of seek&destroy. I had to erase Compiz configurations through the LiveCD and reinstall it once inside Intrepid again.

Anyways, those two are my main concerns right now, but I know they’ll be fixed in the final release! So I don’t worry too much! There are also a lot of small bugs and crashes everywhere, but it’s nothing hard to overcome.

So I hope you guys enjoyed my post and that you keep enjoying Ubuntu Hardy and very soon Intrepid Ibex…coming soon to a computer near you!




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