Cool Programs You Might Need v2.0

23 09 2008

Here’s another list of somewhat common, but very useful programs!

gtk-recordmydesktop (Available in Synaptic) – Neat and tidy utility to record your desktop’s activity. This is a great program to show off your Compiz effects to your friends!

VLC (Available in Synaptic) – Great, lightweight and almost perfect media player. I said almost perfect because somehow it reads almost any format on known to man and several known to monkeys! It’s great and easy to use!

FFmpeg (Available in Synaptic) – **For best results add the Medibuntu repositories before trying to install ffmpeg. The instructions are pretty easy to follow** This is one of the most comprehensive video format converters found in Linux. This is a command-line tool!

WinFF (Found here!) – This is the Graphical User Interface for FFmpeg which make slife a whole lot easier!

Audacity (Available in Synaptic) – Great music editing program! It’s a great option to make ringtones on Linux since most Windows-based ringtone-makers don’t work on Wine.

That’s it for today! Hope this helps someone!




2 responses

29 09 2008

may I suggest jKiwi?
We are working to put it in the repositories of Ubuntu when released in april.

29 09 2008

Hey thanks for sharing that! Looks like a very cool program! And I do have to say that I’ve never seen it before. I’ll look more into it!

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