We’re Almost There!

17 09 2008

Yeah! Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex is near! Let me explain a little about the version numbers first.

Linux Ubuntu is scheduled to have a new release every six months. The first Ubuntu version was 4.10 in October 20, 2004…what does this mean?…

The first number means the year of the release, and the second number means the month of the release. And since Ubuntu is released every six months you won’t see anything besides X.04 (meaning April) or X.10 (meaning October).

Ok! Now we know that Ubuntu 8.10 means the second release of the year 2008, or the October 2008 release! And I CAN’T WAIT!!! This new release promises to be one awesome improvement over 8.04! It has………..oh well, I’m gonna let the pro developers tell you the news about Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex! Looks cool, huh?

The greatest thing about Ubuntu is that unlike Windows, everytime it gets a new release/version, it’s almost completely sure to say it will work better than the last version! Like XP to Vista upgrades, right?...WRONG! 😉

Sometimes there are a few bugs and disturbances that might arise with a new release on certain computers, but it’s never something impossible to overcome! So with a little reading and brain-power, as well as the necessary fixes the new release will work better than the last one!

Now, Intrepid Ibex looks awesome and all, but it’s still in Alpha 5 state…so it’s not stable nor recommended to be used on “non-developer” computers. If you want to use Ubuntu on the day-to-day basis wait for the final release, scheduled for October 30, 2008!

And if you’re reading this and wondering what do you need to run Ubuntu, you’ll find this System Requirements table very handy!

Desktops & Laptops Servers
Required Recommended
Processor 300 MHz(x86) 700 MHz(x86) 300 MHz (x86)
Memory 64 MB 384 MB* 64 MB
Hard Drive Capacity 4 GB 8 GB 500 MB
Video Card
VGA @ 640×480 VGA @ 1024×768 VGA @ 640×480

*This table can be found in Wikipedia.
**Note: Although this table says “(x86)”, 64-bit Ubuntu is also available. But I haven’t used it yet.

Once you meet the minimum requirements you’ll be good to go! But the “Recommended” System Requirements are even better of course! Keep in mind that Ubuntu might run ok, but some programs have their own System Requirements and might need more out of your computer.

So, we learned a few new things, haven’t we? I bet you can’t wait for October 30 either! I’m very excited about this new release and I hope for it to be the best so far!

Stay tuned!!!




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