Fundamental Differences v2.0

17 09 2008

As I promised, Fundamental Differences v2.0 is here! Ok now, I’ll be talking a little bit about the less known differences between Ubuntu and Windows (any version in this case).

  • Free Professional Programs – Huh?! YES! Professional, as I stated on an earlier post, there are open-source programs that can deliver results as good as any $500-$2,000 program. People are scared of Open-Source , but as I said before, as long as you’re careful about where you download your programs, Open-Source can be your friend! I call him OSsie … LOL!
  • Frequent Bug Fixes And Updates– “Ha-Ha! Windows has Automatic Update!” So?…Ubuntu has UpdateManager which is responsible for automatically notifying you, downloading and installing ALL programs installed by/through Synaptic…TAKE THAT MICROSOFT! And the best part is that these updates and fixes are released almost daily!
  • Schedules Releases – “OMG Windows has new releases too!” … Wrong! People that know computers have come to learn that Microsoft just puts new crap on their old crap. They keep adding “features” to the same OS we’ve known and hated since 1995 (Windows 3.1 and lower were kinda different programming-wise). Since Windows 95 we’ve been buying “new Windows” versions, which are everything but new. Vista added a bunch of new stupidities that ate half the RAM and VideoRAM in utter dumbness. Ubuntu has new releases and versions every six months. Granted it looks almost the same every new release…but the kernel is constantly being devloped and updated, unlike Windows.
  • Minimal System Requirements – Wanna see sparks and flames fly? Try to run Vista on a 500mhz processor with 64mb of RAM, it won’t even let you start to install it. Ok, so people buy new PCs every year, but not everyone can. Some people only have older PCs which are enough for them. Ubuntu has a very low requirement to be ran in a desktop or laptop, and even the Recommended requirements are low in comparison with Vista’s whopping 1.5Ghz processor, 1GB RAM, and 138mb video card “minimum requirements”.

Ok I’m gonna end this post here before I start to hate Windows even more! ;-D!!!
Have fun reading! And I apologize if someone is offended by my sincerity about Windows-hatred!




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