Put Your Ideas In The Blender!

16 09 2008

Blender, a powerful and comprehensive 3D animation program, capable of delivering Pixar-looking animations. But don’t believe me, check the Big Buck Bunny Open-Movie!

Blender is easily installed by Synaptic and it doesn’t need any configurations to work. But you can customize the windows and toolbars to your liking!

Once you have Blender installed, you just need two basic elements…

1. Ideas mixed with imagination
2. Time

Now, if you need help on learning Blender just check this sites out!

Blender 3D Noob to Pro

Official Blender Wikimanual

Blender Model Repository

Now that you read through all the manuals and got some models to play with in Blender, just gather your ideas mixed with imagination and put them on top of the time (for reading the manuals and working in Blender) and mix lightly…once the mix is consistent and sticky throw it in the Blender and let your creativity fly like crazy!

Once you understand how to do Blender, you’ll be making movies and animations just like the pros! So give it a try! It’s fun! So come on and do the Blender with me!




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