iPod + Ubuntu = LOVE!

15 09 2008

So, many people think iTunes is the only place where you can manage your iPod…well…THEY’RE WRONG!!! In Windows there are lots of programs for iPod management, most of them being dangerous to use. But in Ubuntu there are tons of other programs, which could be dangerous for your iPod too…There are lots of music-playback programs that claim to have iPod management, most of them just let you play the songs on the iPod and not download or upload songs to and from you iPod.

Ok, in my case I tried Rhythmbox (Ubuntu Hardy’s default music player) which I love, but it’s iPod management is kinda sucky…and while surfing the Ubuntu Forums, I found a little program called “gtkpod-aac” which is awesome!!!

Some people might argument that it makes an iPod recognize songs as “other” files… Never happened to me, never had a problem. Obviously there’s always a risk, but I’ve never had a problem with any of my iPods.

To install: Go to Synaptic Package Manager (System->Administration->Synaptic package manager), and search for “gtkpod-aac” select it, and hit “Apply” and wait for the program to install.

Once installed go to Applications->Sound & Video->gtkpod.

Once inside, connect your iPod and if everything is alright it will automatically recognize it! Almost everything related to download and upload of songs to and from the iPod is done by Drag&Drop, so it can’t get any easier =)!

Since gtkpod has robust features I’m not going to explain everything it does…it’ll take a lot of time. So if you need a manual for using and understanding gtkpod, just check the online ReadMe and you’ll find all the info you might need.

If you have any specific questions, just post them below on the comments’ section as always!

Note: I’ve tested this program with my 4GB 1st gen iPod nano and my beloved 160GB iPod Classic and both of them work great!!! Everything works smoothly, and there’s no mess in playlists! I haven’t tested any other iPod models.

Second Note: gtkpod can add music as well as videos to your iPod (if it’s a video-capable iPod) but I haven’t tested adding pictures…I believe that for pictures you’ll need to use a different program. I’ll check that out and update this post.



2 responses

2 10 2008
Nick Lake

Got referred to your blog from your Ubuntu Forums entry.

I just tried getting my IPod working on my Ubuntu box (it was one of the few things keeping my XP laptop alive)… I did pretty much what you did and I have to say I am really really really in Love with IPod on Linux too!!!!

2 10 2008

Hey man! Good to know it worked out for you! I do have to say that gtkpod’s management is far easier and better than iTunes…

And if you have an iPod Video gen 5 or 5.5(the 80GB one) check out my post about the open-source firmware called Rockbox…That way you’ll fall even deeper in love with Linux and your iPod!

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