Cool Programs You Might Need!

15 09 2008

This is important! I’ve always liked the huge library of programs available for Ubuntu, but they’re so many that you can’t test them all to see which ones are good. Well, I want to share my most-used programs list so you can have a head-start on the “Cool-Programs-Hunt”!

Rhythmbox (Preloaded in Ubuntu 8.04) – Great music player inspired by iTunes, but it’s a whole lot more stable and easy to use. It has experimental iPod support, but it’s buggy.

Firefox 3(Preloaded in Ubuntu 8.04.1) – One of the most powerful and customizable internet browsers on Earth. It has a great security system and it has hundreds of add-ons to make internet browsing safer and more enjoyable!

Zsnes (Found in Synaptic) – Great Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator. You need to download the ROMs to play on it, and I won’t be giving any romsites or ROMs…sorry.

SMC (Found in Synaptic) – Secret Maryo Chronicles, a great Mario Bros.-like game with a new twist!

cGmail (Found in Synaptic)- Great gMail checker and it has support for other protocols too.

Cairo-Dock (Found in Synaptic)- Great fully customizable and expandable dock. It has themes and applets to make it more appealing, helpful and powerful.

Deluge (Found in Synaptic)- Easy-to-use and powerful bittorrent client. It has an interface very similar to uTorrent.

Hydrogen (Found in Synaptic)- A very powerful and comprehensive drum-machine software. It has a drumkit manager which can be used to import new drumkit sounds. Very easy to use and it delivers almost-pro results.

OpenMovieEditor (Found in Synaptic) – An open-source movie editor capable of giving your homemade videos a Hollywood-like look. It features a ton of plugins for effects, transitions and titles.

gtkpod-aac (Found in Synaptic) – Complete yet simple iPod managing software. Supports (allegedly) all iPods.

Compiz (Found in Synaptic) – Probably the most complete compositing window manager for the X windowing system. You’ll get lots of plugins for activating all sorts of cool effects on your desktop! Check it out!

Blender (Found in Synaptic) – A fast and powerful feature-rich 3D animation program capable of delivering Pixar-looking animations. Very comprehensive and complete. Takes a little time to get used to it though.

These were just a few of the cool programs Ubuntu has. As with the “Fundamental Differences” post, this post will have a series of continued posts. I hope to help as many people as possible!




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