Control the Action!

15 09 2008

Hey guys! I thought I’d share this because it’s one of my favorite things in Ubuntu. Have you ever wanted to have a multimedia controller for your PC, but didn’t have the cash? Most of these controllers cost around $100+…not a very friendly price.

Well, what would you say if I tell you, you can use you Wii Remote as multimedia remote and a mouse at the same time? I know a lot of people who have a Wii…and if you’re one of them you can use your Wiimote safely! It won’t suffer any changes whatsoever! So are you interested?…

I’m not gonna reinvent the wheel here… I’ll just list the items you need.

1. A computer running Ubuntu 8.04
2. A Wiimote
3. A Bluetooth USB dongle (if your computer doesn’t have integrated Bluetooth already)
4. An Infrared light source.
5. A few minutes to read and follow the instructions
6. A lot of patience if something goes wrong!

Well, “how can I do that?” you might ask… Please read the incredible guide Rhubarb made in the Ubuntu Forums! I said I wasn’t going to reinvent the wheel. He made a great job putting that guide together…and it’s pretty easy to follow! So go for it! The risk is almost null!

If you don’t have a Wiimote, you can buy one for around $40…a lot cheaper than a multimedia remote…

So if you have any questions or suggestions just post them here on the comments section or on the Ubuntu Forums! (You’ll need an account to post there though…but it’s FREE!).

Hope this was helpful!



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