Got UPS?

13 09 2008

No, I’m not talking about those huge brown vans with golden logos that are responsible for bringing packages to our houses. I’m talking about Uninterruptible Power Source. I always say that a well-taken-care-of computer, is a happy computer! And this is specially true in blackout-prone areas, like where I live.

If you suffer from power surges, spikes, or blackouts you’re better off buying one of these UPS, also known as batteries. Most UPS claim to last 10, 15, 20…or more minutes, but that’s not always necessarily true. As most people know, these numbers are based on voltage and wattage usage. Most UPS won’t handle high-power-demand devices such as TVs, Laser Printers, big LCD or Plasma screens/monitors, or speaker systems. Such devices require too much power and the UPS/Battery might malfunction or even get internal damage due to the high power demand.

So for better performance and longer life of your computer, laptop or desktop, you might be interested in buying a UPS/Battery.

If you’re interested in one, just post a comment and I’ll post some links to specific sites that sell UPS.

This was a general-help post by the way! 😉




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