Let’s Get This Party Started! (Run a Live CD)

11 09 2008

Well, let’s try to install Ubuntu, shall we? It’s worth noting that there are tons of Linux distributions, but I find that the most user-friendly and well-maintained one is Ubuntu. It’s very versatile and very easy to install!

Let’s divide this in a few steps, shall we?

First, go to the Download Ubuntu page select your desired download (Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop Edition) and your type of computer…most computers have 32-bit processors…so choose the first option. Choose your location and hit the shiny green “Start Download” button!

Now go take a nap, watch a movie, play baseball with your kids, repair your car, or do whatever else you want, because the download might take a few hours depending on your Internet speed.

Ok, now that it’s finished burn the .iso file to a disc. You’ll need an ISO application for this. You could use NERO Burning ROM or whatever other program you want. For a better alternative download the free trial of PowerISO and burn the image (iso) to a CD.

Now that you have your freshly baked Live CD insert it on your PC’s main CD drive and restart. Boot from the CD (by hitting F12 a few times as soon as the computer reloads the BIOS and choose to boot from CD-ROM device).

You’ll see the above image…First select the “Check CD for Defects” option. This’ll take a few minutes. If the test was successful just select the first option (Try Ubuntu without any changes to your computer) and let the disc run it’s magic.

Once you see this glorious desktop…you’re done! You’ve successfully ran a Live CD!!! Now take the time to play around with the different features it has! Open Programs, test hardware, go nuts! Remember it’s free and it’s yours! So change everything you want! Test it throughly!!!

If you feel you’re ready to install it……………………..wait for my next post, which will give you some cool tips on how to install Ubuntu smoothly!

Hope this post helped you guys!




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