Introduction to Ubuntu Dawn!

10 09 2008

Welcome to Ubuntu Dawn! The place to find information about Linux Ubuntu and the tips and tricks that don’t come in the manual! I called this blog “Ubuntu Dawn” because once you install Linux Ubuntu you’ll feel like you’re on the verge of a new dawn…full of opportunities and new challenges!

This blog will be focusing on tips for getting the most out of your computer running Linux Ubuntu!

And since I know how hard it is to find good documentation for specific computers, I’ll be making guides for Toshiba Satellite laptops and Dell Dimension 4600 desktops. I own both of these computers and I have them running smoothly. It was a very hard task, but i managed to make everything work correctly and smoothly, hence I’ll be sharing my experiences with you guys for easing up the task of making your hardware function correctly.

Don’t be afraid! It’s easy, just a little time-consuming! And I’ll be guiding you through the process! Besides if you need help in spanish (or more in depth help in english) just let me know and I’ll do whatever is possibl to help!

So come on! Visit my blog, I’ll be updating it regularly with guides for doing cool things! And I can make Ubuntu look like XP, Vista or Macintosh with the help of other blogs, sites and some packages that need to be downloaded. I’ll link to the specific sites and post guides for using the correct elements and settings to make you computer more friendly!

Hope to see you around my blog often!



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